Which iQOO Z Series smartphone is best for you: iQOO Z3 Vs iQOO Z5 Vs iQOO Z6?

Since the Vivo’s iQOO Z Series is launched and this is still ongoing, They recently launched the iQOO Z6 which is a successor of the iQOO Z5. Till now they launched three smartphones in this series having the 5G processor i.e. Snapdragon 768G, 778G, and 695G & they are also continuously bringing new changes and updates with every smartphone which we are going to compare below.

1. Performance

Three of them(Z3, Z5, & Z6) use 5G processors which is like SD 768, SD 778, SD 695, and let me tell you one thing, If you are thinking that iQOO Z6 is a better successor than iQOO Z3 & Z5 then let me tell you, my friend, that iQOO Z6 is cheaper than iQOO Z3 because of its performance. iQOO Z6 has Snapdragon 695G Processor which is less in performance compared to iQOO Z3’s SD 768G Processor. I personally find that Buying iQOO Z6 is totally waste of money because you get the tag of “Z6” and don’t buy it.

Comparison Between iQOO Z5(SD 778) Vs iQOO Z6 Processor(SD 695)

Okay, let’s discuss the performance of iQOO Z3 and iQOO Z5. See, In iQOO Z3 you get Snapdragon 768G processor that is quite fast even during the game but iQOO Z5 has SD 778G which is faster than SD 768G but the price is also high.

Comparison between iQOO Z5(SD 778G) Vs iQOO Z3(SD 768G)

So, in the Performance factor, Both(Z3 & Z5) are Winners because It Balanced by their Pricing difference.


If we talk about the camera, There is no major camera difference between iQOO Z3 and Z5 both have 64 MP f/1.79 (Wide Angle)
8 MP f/2.2 (Ultra Wide)
2 MP f/2.4 (Macro) with autofocus

Even Z3 Support 4K at 30fps UHD, and 1080p at 30fps FHD but iQOO Z5 Support only 4K, and 1080p Video Recording.

Coming to iQOO Z6, It has 50 MP f/1.8 (Wide Angle)
2 MP f/2.4 (Macro)
2 MP f/2.4 (Depth Sensor) with autofocus.

So, In-Camera Factor, iQOO Z3 is the Winner.


If we talk about display then there is no major difference, Three of these smartphones(Z3, Z5, Z6) use Color IPS LCD screen (16M) display but iQOO Z3 support only HDR but iQOO Z5 supports HDR10 and iQOO Z6 does not have any such feature.

iQOO Z3 & Z6 have Water Drop Notch but iQOO Z5 has a Punch hole Notch.

So, in this Display Factor, iQOO Z5 is the Winner because of a very slight Change.


iQOO Z3 comes with a 4400 Mah Battery whereas iQOO Z5 and Z6 come with a 5000 Mah battery iQOO Z3 supports 55W fast turbocharging but iQOO Z5 supports 44W fast turbocharging only which is slow and a little more durable.

iQOO Z6 Support only 18W Fast Charging which is nothing at this Price.

So, In this case, I think iQOO Z3 is the Winner because fast charging is really important to save time.

Memory & Connectivity

iQOO Z3 and iQOO Z6 have Hybrid Card Slot but there is no such a feature available in iQOO Z5 iQOO Z5 has UFS 3.1 as Storage Type and iQOO Z3 & Z6 has UFS 2.1 which is a lesser than iQOO Z5.

iQOO Z3, Z5, and Z6 have the same connectivity features.

So, in this case, No one is Winner because of Features Balancing.


See, Going for iQOO Z6 is stupidity. I hope you understand my point why I am saying this because I proved all of this in my above specs comparison.

If you want a little bit of Extra Performance and You have money then Go for the iQOO Z5 else Z3 is the Best Smartphone in Vivo Z Series Till Now.

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