Best Telegram Bots that Can Save Your lots of Time...


1. Image to Text   Converter Bot

Upload any image to this Bot and it convert that image into text which you can copy and share wherever you want.

2. Download Anything From Internet

Just Send the URL to Bot and It will make it easy to download and You can download that file anytime.

3. URL to Image

If you want to capture full webpage without taking a very long screenshot, Send the URL to this Bot it will Convert it

4. Remove    Background   Remover

It Will Remove background from your image. Just send image to this Bot.

5. Text to Speech

It will convert your text into Different Voices. You can share that audio.

6.Temporary Email | With Inbox

You can create unlimited mails through this telegram bot.

7. Play Online Games Here | + Multi Player 

You can Play Multiples games here using this bot with your friend, yourself & Multiplayers

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