Top 5 Practical Ways to Save Money on Online Shopping

The best way is that first be aware of product that what you actually want to buy…? See, many times it happens we do not check sellers, product reviews and in the greedyness of saving money we ordered something that is not justified according to its price.

Check Authenticity of any Product before buying : Read Here

Come to the point, How to Save Money in Online Shopping?…This only blog will going to save your lot of money. Let’s discuss all of the ways in detail.

1. Check Price History & Set Alert

Price History Tool on Lootly Deals

See, we have built something called “Price History Tool” that helps everyone to check price history of almost any product available on Amazon, Flipkart and other ecommerce site. If you want any product which is not updated on our website till now. Please Message us on Telegram or Mail Us, We assure you that we will try to post that product within 24 hours.

Okay got it!, Now, after knowing Price history, What you gonna do actually with that Price history?

  1. Check It’s Lowest Price so that You get idea how much it can Drop in Future(Useful for Next point)
  2. (Check Fluctuations)See if price falls on that Product very quickly and if it is so, then there is a good chance that you will not have to wait much.
  3. (Check Since Date) so that You have clear idea about last price changes.

Set Lowest Price Alert

Now, Just after knowing the Price History most probably you don’t gonna save any money because “History is a thing that to help us to guess about future”. Come to the Point, If you want a Instant alert that quickely save your time and money then Follow the Below Steps.

1. Search Any Product(If you don’t find it, Message Here)

Search Product on

2. Open it and Click on “Set Lowest Price Alert“.

Lowest Price Alert Tool

3. Booom! Whenever there is Price Drop, You Will Get Instant Alert on Your Mail. See, We do not spam your Mailbox.

2. Go For Deals Not for Offers

See Offers are constant, At Current time everybank and payment apps are providing offers with lots of terms and conditions, But Deals are totally different.

Here’s Why

  1. Sellers Provide Deals Because They Want to Rank Higher in Searches.
  2. More Discount, More Sales, More Ratings & Reviews.
  3. When you buy something that is regularly expensive but you got in loot price then you do mouth advertising.

3. Is Coupons are Waste of Time?

You have seen many people who constantly search for discount coupons for online shopping 10% of them actaully got right coupon but 90% people get failure always.

is there any better alternative for coupons for saving money in online shopping?

Yes, Ofcourse…Without taking too much time. I want to say one thing…There are thousands of cashback providing sites and apps available on the internet but most of the sites have minimum redeem criteria or less cashback critera and some of them have very bad tracking issue.

But We Fixed it for You and Have Better Solution…We Have built our own cashback system that helps you to get cashback on purchasing anything online.

Follow 1 Simple Step to Get Cashack on Online Shopping :-

  1. Go to Our Cashback Page and Then Choose Your Store Like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Etc. Click on Go to Button and Then It will Redirect to you that Store and When you successfully buy something then You get cashback which you can withdrawl anytime.
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4. Wait for Festivals! Festivals! Festivals!

When you want to buy something very expensive then It is far better to wait for October Month and the Reason is “Diwali Festival Sale” which is India’s biggest year sale. Amazon call it as “GREAT INDIAN FESTIVAL SALE” and Flipkart call it as “BIG BILLION DAYS”. Respectively for Other Indian Ecommerce Sites.

Duration: Generally 1 Month Before Diwali. Like Amazon(GIFS) & Flipkart(BBD) started on 23 September 2022 and Ended on 23 October 2022.
Amazon Prime & Flipkart Plus Members get Early access of this sale 2 Days earlier than Normal Users and Other FREE Delivery & Extra Discount Perks Also.

Take Amazon Prime & Get 50% OFF Using this Legit Technique : Check Here

5. Check for Important Days

International Women’s Day Sale

See, On International Womens Day, Many cosmetic selling companies provide huge discount on make up and other women products. Same with Other Special Days like Foundation Day of a Company or Anniversery Day Sale.

Check This Year Sale: Check Here


We Aware of what you want to buy and use our sites for Product & Price Comparison and Save Money by Getting Cashback on-site. Keep Shopping!


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