Sell Unused Internet and Earn Money Online

Today, I’m going to tell you something which you may have never heard before. Okay, If I say that the device you are using can make money while you are surfing on the internet. You won’t believe Naah!!. In starting, I also found this some clickbait scam but I was Wrong.

There is a company that has a very unique business model. In simple words, They take your unused Internet( Wifi or Mobile Data) and the data is used by businesses to perform some tasks like SEO+ Web Stats, Brand Protection, Ad Verification, App Testing, Content Delivery, and Price Comparison.

Note: They don’t use your actual Phone Storage Data and Even they don’t have access to it.

Are there any Hidden Conditions like Minimum Payout, Complete Surveys, etc?

No Surveys, No Task. You just have to follow the simple steps given below to get started.

What’s About Minimum Payout?

Yes, there is a minimum Payout Criteria of $20 in which you get instant $5 on by using the Invite code.

Ohh, I got it, My $5 dollars never become $20 dollars like other Companies Online services?

No, Believe me, They are not like others. They pay you according to your internet consumption. I will show you proof of payments and also tell you how you can start this simple passive money-making by using any device. You can redeem your payment by using PayPal or Bitcoin as a Payment Method.

Who can do this and what’s the eligibility for this?

Anyone can do this. You just need a device having an internet connection. Your device can be a Smartphone, Laptop, or Macbook.

How does it Work?

You have to open the app & It takes your Internet according to your data usage and never goes beyond your Monthly Limit.

Suppose, I set a 5GB Monthly limit and I put my app open for 5 hours every day. At the end of the month, You find that the total internet given by you is 5GB and You Get Paid for it.

Note: You have to make sure that your app should be open on your device.

I’m ready to make money and tell me How to Get Started?

Step 1: To register yourself on the Site.

Click for Signup: Click Here

honeygain tutorial
source: honeygain

USE COUPON CODE(If you not getting $5 using the link): WLONE26A22

Note: This is an Invite Link, You get an initial $5 on signup using this Link or Invite Code.

Step 2: You have to Confirm your Email

Check your mailbox and confirm it by clicking on Verification Link.

honeygain verify email.
Source: Honeygain

Step 3: Install Software According to Your Device | Add Multiple Devices using One Account

HoneyGain Works on every device.

HoneyGain Multiple Device Access

More Devices & More Earning

Scenario 1: I have a Smartphone and a Laptop and Both Devices have Internet Access and I’m making money using both devices separately with one honeygain Account.

Scenario 2: I have a family of 10 members and everyone has separate devices. Now, I smartly installed App on every single person’s device by my honeygain account.

Must Read this article before starting, If You are a Second Scenario Person: Read Here

I have broadband having Unlimited Internet, Can I also do this?

Yes and Trust me, You can make more money than normal Cellular Data Users. Those who have unlimited Internet can Increase their Data Usage Limit Manually from App or Software Setting.

Bonus: Refer and Earn 10% of Your Friends Earning.

HoneyGain has a referral system where you get a special invite link and You have to share it and when someone signup using your link or Invite Code. They will get an initial $5 in their honeygain account and you will get 10% of their earnings when they earn.

Example: If your friend earns $20 then you will get $2 in your account & the $2 dollar is paid by honeygain not deducted from your friend’s earnings. It is just to reduce spam invites.


I know, It’s not that fast earning method but You don’t have to do any real hard work. Just Turn on the app and It will make money for You.

Hope you found this blog helpful, Read more blogs on our Website & Don’t Forget to drop your points about the blog.

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