Make Money From GST Number: Complete Guidance

Many of you have wondered how you can make money by just having a GST number. Whatever I’m going to tell you is not that much new but definitely very less explored in India.

If you ask a foreigner in the age group from 16-26 yrs, What do you do for a living?
Most of them will give you the same answer. That would be the answer that we ship things on Amazon. Well, Selling things on amazon is not a big deal. Amazon has an “Amazon Fulfilled Program“. We Discuss everything in a few minutes. First, Understand mindset.

Look, first of all, This is not a small thing. it is actually business that makes you smarter and a person who has business abilities. You have to be set in such a way that you consider yourself rich. You understand that yes, you are worthy of it. You can really earn so much money and the day you come to believe that you can earn so much money, that day you will find yourself a new person.

Now I come to the direct point which is our most important topic which is How to start this business and what are things like Product, Investment & Time, You have to invest into it. I am telling you a business model which you can continue your whole life and you can easily earn comfortably lakhs per month. I will give you examples. I will give you my own traffic which I will give you, don’t worry. I am not taking any money from you. But Definitely, There is a condition that is not that hard, It is a part of the guidance.

Step 1: Choose Your Type

Are you a person who is owning a Shop/Factory having a GST Number?

If Yes, then things are going to be very smooth and reliable too. I will tell you a method that helps you to sell your items on Amazon with High Conversions.

Are you a person who knows a shop/factory owner that gives you permission to sell their items online?

Both the types are good but In this type, please make sure that the owner which is permitting you to use his/her GST number should be trustworthy.

Few Points you have to take care of

  1. Take the item at the least possible cost because If you take it at a high cost and then definitely you have to give some margin to shop owner then you have to give some margin to amazon also and also you have to care of your own margin.
  2. Make everything clear like how much quantity they have about that product. Suppose, You are selling a Tooth Brush on amazon and you are getting 100 orders per day and Your shop owner/supplier is not able to fulfill it then it will affect your amazon ranking, customer trust, and profit.
  3. Don’t be in a rush to make a high profit in starting even try to deliver at the “NPNL” formula which means No Profit, No Loss. It will kill your competition and improve your ranking on amazon.

Investment and Charges

There are No Charges and Creating an Amazon Seller account is 100% Free. You only pay when your product is SOLD on Amazon then you have to pay 2% or depending on the product category/Weight. You can choose one according to you. I will tell you my advice also on what to choose.

Amazon Seller FEE Structure

Let’s Begin, Firstly we have to create an Amazon Seller Account

How to create FREE Amazon Seller Account?

Just in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Click Here and Signup with Your Amazon Account

Note: You can also continue with a Normal Amazon User Account.

Step 2: Fill in Basic Details Like Store Name and Bank Details

Amazon FBA Program

Step 3: Fill in Your Tax Details Like PAN Card & GST Number.

Step 5: Add Your products and Set Shipping Charges.

Launch Your Business on Amazon

SEO for Amazon Sellers

See, Maybe there are hundreds of Sellers actually selling the same product on Amazon but Still some of them are on top and some of them are Down. Do you Know Why?

Simply because sellers done lots of SEO mistakes while listing their products and this is not something like Rocket Science, Yout Just have to care about Product title, About Item, Images, and Customer Reviews.

Tips to Rank better on Amazon

  1. Add main specific keywords Related to Item Like Colgate Toothbrush not Toothbrush only
  2. Quality Images, Try to Add more than 2 Images per product
  3. Promote You as a Brand, Not as Seller!
    If your customers make a belief you sell things just to make a profit then it is really hard to survive for a long time.
  4. Be Optimistic and hardworking.

Now, Competition Killing Strategy!

Our Website is getting good traffic and you can use it for FREE, We Publish loot items which means items that are at a very less price, have MRP error, and comes in the sale.

What is for You?

I can list your amazon products on our website but only if you are providing that item at a low cost compared to your competition then Only we list on our Website. You will get high sales and your ranking will go up then after that You can change the price.

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