How to get ₹80k item in ₹800 Only on Shopping Sites?

I think, everyone at that point thinking that this is just the click bait blog nothing more than that but all my friends, If I say I have proofs then You should read this blog.

I am not going to tell you traditional methods of money saving like using coupons or using cashback functions… I know, They are effective but as time is getting modern so we have to be upgrade ourself.

I know some People still won’t believe on this but let me tell you all my dear friends that these screenshot has been taken on smartphone and if you check our telegram channel which is FREE to Join then you will get these types of loot deals on daily basis.

So, How this Happened & Why Seller sell their item in loss?

I am doing this work from last 2 years and I come to this theory that every seller has a desire to rank top on the shopping sites i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. But to rank on these sites you have to beat the massive competition by selling good amount of quantity, also need good rating & reviews thats why sellers sell item on less price than market and Who not want to buy item at loot price and within minutes seller get massive boost in his/her ranking.

Some Other Reasons of Loot Deals

  1. MRP Error when Seller Unknowingly/Knowingly put Item Pricing Wrong.
  2. Seller Comparison many times same product is selling at different price just because of different sellers. Check Pic 1.1
  3. Festive Season Sales Like Big Billon Days & Great Indian Festival Sale During Diwali
  4. No Need of Item, Many times seller wants to sell his/her old stock to make space in ware house. This many happens with Clothes & Shoes Category.
  5. Anniversery Sale, Sales on Special Occasion, Sale on Special Days Like International Womens Day, Etc.

How to do we know that this product is coming in Loot?

Many people asked me this question that how do you get the information that this item is in loot? Basically, We have built an Online Price Tracking Tool and We are Tracking more than a lakh of Products & Sellers so whenever there is a price drop we get the notification and we instantly post that on Website and Telegram Channel.

You can also use this price tracking tool on our webiste, Just click on any product name and you will get green color link(“Set Lowest Price Alert”) where you have to put your desired price and email item whenever that Item hit that desire price you will get notification on your email.

Set Lowest Price Alert on any product
Set Lowest Price Alert on any product

You can also check Price history of any item listed on our website & if you want to request any item to list on our website. Please Send us Mail at [email protected] with product link. We will try to update that product withinn 24 Hours.

Check Price History of Any Product
Check Price History of Any Product

Check Latest Price Drops

This is one of the most important and quick money saving trick. See, We have created a amazing price drop page where you get a list of recent price drops and everything we are providing for Free so what are waiting for Explore Now.

Check Price Drop Page Here: Click Here

Price Drops Page


See, Online shopping is going to expand every month because people are getting so busy they want to go market only for shopping some people wants exposure thats why they go to market because if you tell me that I go for Shopping then You might doing wrong?, understand this with an example.

If Adidas selling a shoe in ₹4000 to a local market vendor on the profit of ₹3000 but market vendor selling that shoe to you in ₹5000 here both are making money buy Local Market vendor is more in profit neither he is making any shoe nor spending on labour & logistics.

to end this mediator, Adidad created a Seller Page on Amazon, Flipkart, and Other Shopping sites and Now, Adidad is Selling that Shoe to Costumer Directly which is Known as B2C.

Thankyou for reading this Blog, It takes time and lots of reasearch to write these types of blogs please share this blog with your family and friends.

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