How to do online shopping like a Pro?

See many people really don’t know this fact but let me tell you e-commerce companies Like Amazon, Flipkart, and more new e-commerce companies face losses on an everyday basis due to heavy discount sales.

Wikipedia Report
CRED posted losses of Rs. 360.31 crore in the 2020 fiscal year (FY20), caused primarily due to high expenditure on marketing and advertising. In October 2021, CRED started to seek new investors, reporting a $5.5 billion valuation, up from $2.2 billion recorded in April 2021.

But, Why do online shopping sites provide huge discounts?

As you read the above report of cred but still they are getting funding because Investors knows that when Cred creates such a situation where no new company can enter in this field they suddenly stop providing deals and Offers.

So, Should the discount we get on online shopping will be stopped after some years?

Most likely Yes, Because as you also noticed that every online shopping site provide very special and attracting offers to their new customers in comparison to old users because they want as many as possible users and old users probably never leave after signing up because in most of the cases every e-commerce company has its own wallet where you get the cashback just after online shopping and you can’t redeem it to the bank so you have to use it again for shopping and this process will never end.

How can I save maximum money in online shopping?

Whenever you are planning to do online shopping, you must know these points and apply too to online shopping.

1. Check Bank Offers Carefully

See sometimes, we read out or hear out that on “Xyz item”. you are getting ₹2500 Off Using “ABC bank” but most probably they are providing discount only on Credit Card shopping.

Do you know why? Because they knew that if you purchase something from a credit card and you forget to pay the bill, they will charge you a very high interest which makes credit card banks/companies profitable so whenever you buy anything buy on someone else card and pay them the amount after deducting the discount.

Many banks also provide discounts on a debit card which is also good but remember your debit card minimum amount limit because many times we buy an item in the lust of discount and we forget to check our bank account minimum amount limit which causes bank charges of “not the maintaining minimum amount”.

2. Is coupons are really helpful?

Yes but always remember the previous price of that item basically companies usually increase the price and provide the coupon practically which is not helpful for Buyers.

3. New Users gets more than Old Users

Many times, you notice that every e-commerce shopping company provides a huge discount to their new users like “Delivery Free on first order” or “Buy 1 & Get 1 Free”, etc. This is all because they want more new users and nowadays every e-commerce provides its wallet like Amazon Provides “Amazon Pay”, Ajio provides “Ajio Wallet”, etc.

It is all because when you do shopping they provide you cashback in their wallet so that you can only use them on your next shopping.
This is not a bad thing because transaction through a wallet is so smooth and easy and always beneficial but always choose trusted websites.

4. Always Check It’s price history & Price Comparison

You can check the Price history and Price Comparison of any product just by reading this blog.
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5. Don’t forget to grab Loot Deals

Shopping sites provide huge discounts on sales and they are many items which have actually almost 90-100% off but this is all for a limited period of time and but how do you about “Loot Deals” because Amazon, Flipkart, etc online shopping platforms are so big to find a particular deal in a limited period of time that’s why we come up with solution i.e. Telegram Channel.

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