How to Check Seller Rating and Authenticity on Amazon & Flipkart

Let me tell you a true story that happened with a friend, She was searching for neckband and She chooses to buy Sennheiser CX350 BT Neckband for only ₹5619 on amazon, the price was very less according to other sites like Flipkart, Tatacliq and Sennheiser original website. My friend was very happy about this but I had a doubt that how is possible because we are running a free public telegram channel where we post MRP error items, Glitch Items, and Other Loot items on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, and TataCliq.

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But every big loot item will get out of stock within a minute but I was observing that this neckband is not getting out of stock or neither the price was changing. I talked to amazon customer support and ask the reason behind then he told me the reason that It was intentionally done by the seller, I asked but the seller’s name is “Sennheiser Audio Store” which I think is the authentic name, and then He told me that sir, anyone can choose any name but it’s not the original seller actually and when I check this neckband again then I find out the original one which of ₹20,619 then I got the point that Only seller name is not enough there are so many things we should take care of before buying anything online which are going to discuss one by one.

1. Seller Name is not Enough, Check Its Products

Many times seller’s name is not enough as I above told you a story of my friend where the seller’s store name is the same as the original one but the price are different. To solve this problem, Remember to follow the “SECP” rule which is Search Enough and then Check Product means if you are buying any product either from amazon or any trusted eCommerce site. first, search that product on that site and check how many sellers are selling check their store name and if you found two stores of the same then check the rating of the seller who has a low rating will be the fake one and to reconfirm it once talk to customer support but remember to add that item into your cart so that customer agent takes less time to find sellers authenticity.

2. Oops!, Return not available

Many fake sellers do not provide any return or replacement on their products because once you know the reality, probably you will return the product which decreases their revenue and ranking. I know Apple also does not provide any return/replacement but It is an exception.

How to return a non-returnable item on Amazon and Flipkart?

Whenever you received a non-returnable item, just make an unboxing video of that item for proof. In case, You want to return it and mail it to the customer support of that site with proper details like order number and contact number.

.3. Seller’s Rating Plays a big role

Everyone has a somewhat idea about the seller’s rating that the one who has a low rating is not trustable and like so. but Let me tell you something many times some offline sellers who got brand items at a cheaper price because of bulk buying will list them on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. For example, the Amazon FBA program is so successful that any normal person can sell online. So Offline Sellers who recently joined these eCommerce sites can be a good money-saving option for you. Just check if the product is returnable or make an unboxing video but You get two benefits same original product but a less cheap price.


See, everything has its downside and upside in this world. Many people afraid of online shopping due to myths but remember if you take the right precautions in life then you never get cheated or hurt by anything whether it’s a person or a service.

I hope you found this blog helpful, If yes then share it with your friends and make them aware of online shopping, and always we are waiting for your constructive feedback…

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