How to get massive discounts on shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart?

I was that kind of person who used to think that loot deals are a hoax and nothing else, but my thinking changed that day when my friend told me that a ₹2000 item (Louis Phillipe Genuine leather belt) is being available for only 134 rupees, at first I felt this prank but when That order was placed then I came to know how wrong I was, I still don’t know what I have left till that day?

Note: If you are Impatient to Know… How You can also get these deals on your Phone. Go to the Last of this Article😄😂

When you talk about online shopping hacks, they exist in different ways like Chrome extensions(not worth it for Indians), Limited-time deals, Upcoming Sale, Midnight Sale, Coupon Discount, and a few more. But here, I’m not talking about these classical ways because almost everyone knows about them. That’s why they work upon your not skills. Probably in 90% of cases, When you get to know about these deals, you find them “OUT of Stock” or “Temporary unavailable”.

herculas cycle in loot
21 Gear Cycle at Lowest Price

Now, let’s talk about Loot deals if you haven’t heard this term before. Let me tell you in the shortest possible way. These are the deals provided by companies as a marketing strategy to improve their rating and search rank on eCommerce apps like Amazon and Flipkart.

Loot deals or Marketing Deals are the most profitable deals. For example, Recently Lava company gave their ₹2999 Probuds only at ₹1. I know, You won’t believe it. 

Original Image by Sk(Telegram Channel member)

I placed an image of Probuds ordered by one of the telegram channel members buy whenever you join that Telegram channel. You will get 2-3 of these types of deals daily and 10-15 massive discount deals.

Lava Pro Buds Amazon loot

Pros of these Loot deals

  1. Almost 95% real Discount in comparison to the actual price of the item.
  2. You get genuine and original products.
  3. Pay on Delivery is available on almost every item so that If you don’t like it p but you ordered you don’t miss it. You can cancel at any time. Money-Saving!


  1. Available only for a maximum of 1-5 minutes.

Why do Companies sell their products at that low price?

First, you have to understand the mindset of a company. At this time, growing without giving discounts is so hard because of massive competition. That’s why there are many big companies like Zomato, Amazon, and Flipkart that are still at a loss but they make a profit from their loss in the future.

Syska Bulb Flipkart Sale

Note: These are 10 bulbs in ₹351.

There are so many marketing strategies that are used by companies like Guerrilla marketing, Ambient marketing, Stealth marketing, and many more but discounts and free compliments with items are the most liked strategy by people.

Recently, I purchased 10 kinds of cotton Kurti for my sister for 10 rupees. How is that possible?
Image Credit: Lootly Deals ( Telegram member)

Now, Point is why they are selling them in 1 rupee?

  1. Are they are bad in Quality or Defective Pieces?
  2. There should be a high delivery charge?
  3. Only for a few 1000 customers?
Here I list, why Companies provide massive discounts?

The more people will buy it, The more they recommend it

  • Spread Brand Awareness!
  • When someone gets these deals at a low price, Most probably, he/she will give a good review about it.
  • Searches order increases on eCommerce apps like Amazon and Flipkart.
  • When you start wearing one brand, probably next time you purchase that brand products only

How can I get these deals so quickly before they get “OUT OF STOCK”?

If you ask me, I trust lootly deals (Absolutely FREE!), which is basically a telegram channel where you get all loots and massive Discount deals and I never get out the stock message.
But 2–3 times because of my own internet speed😂
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They Also Have a Website that is Insane.
Features in Short
1. Absolutely FREE + WorthWhile

2. Get Price History, Just By Proving Product Shareable Link or Search Manually.

3. Set Price Drop Alert for any product for any eCommerce company Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra Etc.

4. They Give Deals and Coupons. They Don’t Sale Anything.

5. Price Comparison for Different Websites. So now you don’t have to check prices on every eCommerce website manually.

Lots More… But You have To Explore it.

Official Website: Lootly Deals


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