5 Best Online Shopping Hacks for 2022

Talking about the best shopping hacks is kind of very intelligent and my favorite topic even I can deliver a 100-pages of speech on this but why is it so?

Without wasting your time like I’m saying about coupons and offers, I will rather you focus on very important and unique online shopping hacks.

Wait for the Last Hack, the Most Amazing Hack of All Time…

1. Check Price History Always

Suppose, You going to buy a Fruits & Vegetable Chopper i.e Compact Chopper & You want to know if, is it a good time to buy it or if You should wait for a few days?

Amazon Product Price History Tool

Here is a simple and most effective hack for you…What can you do is You can check the price of that Item. If you click on the Compact Chopper link, You will be redirected to a product review page & when you can scroll below, You get the Price History of that Product with the Highest Price Point & Lowest Price Point then You can set the Lowest Price Alert which we discuss in our next point.

If I didn’t find that Product on the website, What can I do?

There are millions of products available online and many of the products may not be available on our website so in that case, You can directly Contact our Telegram Channel Support team and You can Price History on Any Product on Any Online Shopping site like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio & Etc.

Message Here: Click Here

2. Set Lowest Price Alert

Now, you all have some doubt after reading 1st hack that Okay, We got a price history and its highest and lowest price point but how can it help us?

Here You can do one thing, You can set the lowest Price alert by putting your mail id so that when the product reaches the desired price(“Price set by you”), You automatically get a notification. isn’t it wonderful? If Yes, Please drop a heart in Comment Box.

How to Set Lowest Price Alert on Any Online Product?

Step 1: Go to our Website i.e lootlydeals.com

Step 2: Search your Product, If not Found! Message us Here, You can Get a Product listing on the Website within the next 1 hour.

Step 3: Click on the Product and Click on the Set Lowest Price Alert link.

Demo :

Step 4: When you click on the “Set Lowest Price Alert” Link, A pop window will open where you have to put your email address and desired price like I put Rs. 100 because the actual price of a product is โ‚น199. so whenever the chopper reaches Rs. 100, I get a notification on my mail with a product link and I’ll buy it out.

3. Comparison is the Best Friend

comparison in online shopping, I think it is the best thing like many of you know that there is a price difference on almost every product on different sites like Amazon, Flipkart, myntra, ajio and etc. but checking product prices on every site one by one is kind of headache.

But there is a solution for it, If you search for a product on our website and you found it and when you scroll you get a price comparison of that product with other online shopping sites.

Price Comparison

But also sometimes Product Comparison is more important than Price Comparison?

Suppose you want to buy a gaming laptop and you have a budget of 70 thousand. Now, how do you know what is the best one for you?

I know many of thinking about watching videos on youtube, reading blogs, and asking experts for advice like that but I have something very innovative all in one solution i.e okay, let’s take the same example like you want a gaming laptop and your budget is 70 thousand. Here the things you have to do.

Search “gaming laptop” terms on our website and you get a bunch of laptops and now add them to compare.

Click add to compare

After adding them to the comparison tab. Now, You can easily see the difference and You can also use the powerful advanced feature by enabling it. It shows you only the differences, not Similarities.

Product Comparison Tool

5. Buy Loot Deals & Offers

Basically, Many of you don’t know that on online shopping sites you can actually get items of
90-100% off. I know this seems kind of a scam or not happen thing but trust me, this is real and I can prove that.

We have more than 1k Screenshots of these kinds of loots…

We have a Telegram Channel where we post loot deals on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, and other online shopping sites.

But why do companies sell their products at low prices?

  1. Many of times shopping sites pay discount money to the seller and they do this for marketing purposes. Like Amazon brings every year the “Great Indian Festival Sale” in which you get lots of discounts.
  2. Sometimes Seller gives a huge discount just because of previous profit or Marketing Stunt.
  3. We track more than 10 lakh products and when there is a price drop on any product shown we post that item with buying a link on our channel.
  4. Many times products have mrp error.

Hope You got my point and request you to join the telegram channel for Amazing loots and I want to say one thing. Just join for 1 Week, I promise you will personally thank me by messaging me on telegram.

Hope you like this blog and this will be helpful for you, Please Drop your comment and Wait for your Constructive Feedback.

  1. Amazing Content ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜„ and I never knew these online hacks.

  2. Valuable Advice on Online Shopping

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