3 Unique Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping

Many people do so many mistakes in Online shopping and the reason for this is very simple i.e. lack of knowledge. See, In today’s time, online shopping companies provide huge discounts just to attract more users to their platform.

Which one is better Online Shopping or Offline Shopping?

If you are planning to buy some groceries items online, I recommend you to purchase offline because it is the best option from a point of view of Quality, Price, and Some Moral Ethics. Everyone knows vegetable and groceries sellers are not that much rich generally so it’s our responsibility to support them.

But other than this is better than offline shopping because here you get discounts and different kinds of offers which are not generally available in offline shopping.

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1. Quality and Profit are Important while shopping

I know, I’m going to tell you a very basic thing but I promise here in this tip you will definitely learn something new about online shopping.

Suppose you want to buy something from Puma’s Original Website, One thing is clear here 90% chances are that You get the Original Item. Suppose you’re ordering shoes but the same shoes you are getting on amazon at a ₹600 Discount and the Reason for this can be a better delivery network, Bank Offers, Amazon Festival Sale, or Anything. But You are confused about its quality and is it even original or the first copy?

Let me tell you how I solve this problem in a very simple way, First I check the Seller Store Name and after that, I click on the store name and check their other products, If they are selling other brand items too then they are local vendors.

puma seller check
Puma Amazon original Seller

Suppose, They are selling only the same brand item like Original Puma Seller on Amazon, Check Its price online and if the difference is very big until and unless there is a sale or MRP error then kindly Avoid that item.

There is always a chance of Mrp Error, Big Sale, or Seller Discount Deals and We post all kinds of deals like that on our Channels.

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If you want to do safe Online Shopping, Please Read this Blog where I mention how to Ensure 100% quality check in Online Shopping: Read here

2. “Avoid being Fool on the name of Brands”

When I start doing shopping on my own, I always try to purchase branded clothes by seeing other people and I find them more comfortable and cool than my previous ones, and Showing off them is also another feature of these “branded clothes”. I just want to be very honest with you, I have so many friends of mine who wear mid-range brand clothes mid-range brands like Allen Solly, Levi’s, Wrangler, Van Heusen, Super Dry, Etc. Whenever I meet them, I always try to prove my point that my Puma/Adidas/XYZ famous Brand clothes are more beautiful and comfortable than theirs but Literally, Brand and Mid Range Brand Clothes do not have any significant difference. The only thing is that You are paying just for the Sticker.

I noticed all this when I purchased Monte Carlo Black T-shirt for ₹1900 and My friend purchased the same T-shirt for ₹450. If I give both T-shirts in your hand. You won’t able to tell me the difference.

I recommend you to purchase expensive brand items only when want something from the below list

  • Gym Wear
  • Shoes
  • Draw wear
  • Marriage

3. Last but not the Least Tips for Online Shopping

  1. Try to Shop in Bulk because If you purchase 1 item for One time probably you miss many perks because Companies also want to reduce delivery costs and they want to sell as much as possible because this you have seen many offers like “₹500 Off on Shopping above ₹1999” but I don’t mean that You buy anything in the greed of discount that why I am saying note down on list whenever you required anything and then shop in bulk to get more discount and also less delivery cost.
  2. I don’t know, if I say it or not because I don’t know your conditions but try to avoid the trap of Zero EMI Offer, There are less than 2% of companies who are providing “Zero EMI” offers.
    But now you may say, Aree, I have seen that Offer!, See when you click on that offer then you suddenly find a change that price has been changed they add their interest in price and make fool of people that they are getting 0% EMI which is totally useless.
  3. Use Online Shopping FREE Tools like Check the Price history of Any Product, Set the lowest price Alert, Price Comparison, Editor Unbiased Review, and Lots More.
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Read about point 3 in detail with Live Examples: Read here

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you find it helpful, If yes then share it to help others. No Cost-Sharing Offer, Lol!

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